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Chalise Hood

Wow. These are great instructions. Thank you so much for directing me to them. You make such beautiful things... Thanks again.

JenC (aka Kate77)

I think you should blog about your reality TV obsession.

After you make me a quilt!


Thank you thank you thank you! I have the "stash" and I'm not good at sewing and I think this is something I could do and use my stash up! Thank you!!!


this is fantastic... and I almost feel like I could try it...


Kelly you hit another one out of the park - love this! and thanks for doing the brain work - surely I have some fabric that will look cute as a rag quilt....

Amy Harle #60

KELLY!!! These are so awesome!! Now, if only knew how to sew...LOL!! Makes me wanna' snuggle up w/ a good book and a cup of peppermint hot cocoa :)


Holy crap! You chose the cutest stinking fabrics!

I do not sew.
I do not sew.

But, now I kinda want to...


Those are soooo cute! I love the vibrant colors in your fabrics. I just may open up my sewing machine. I haven't used this in years.


Kelly, These are just stunning! Especially the one with the lime and organge ----I don't know if rag quilts are known as stunning but with your color combos and talent, they are! I am tempted to try it--but I don't get the very last part where you snip ---maybe if I get that far it will be obvious. You never cease to amaze me. Hope life has settled a bit and John is doing better. Take care and keep sharing, we appreciate it!

Amy Sorensen

Kelly, your quilts turned out beautifully! I love your color choices. It was interesting to see the differences in how we put them together---I don't do step #2, but simply have the pile of tops, the pile of middles, and the pile of backs on the floor next to me, then put them together as I go. And---I'd never thought of not using flannel on the top. What a great idea! It would open up your fabric choices so much. Thanks for sharing---I love them!!!

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