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Rhonda / Rhondito

I just saw your stack of books and I've actually read a couple of them myself.
I loved Water for Elephants and also Atonement. I tried my hardest to get into The Emperor's Children and gave up less than 50 pages into it. I never do that.

I notice you have The Virgin's Lover in your list - do you love Phillipa Gregory as much as I do?



I haven't commented on your blog before, but am really enjoying it today. I've not read all the books in your pile, but have another for you to add. It is the Long Walk Home by Will North. I am convinced that you will like it. I plan to check your list further and add some of yours to mine.

Amy Sorensen

I miss talking books with you! In your pile, I've read Water for Elephants (liked it a lot) and am reading Atonement right now (good so far! Although, as with all McEwan's books, not an easy read.) I hope things calm down for you soon!


Reading is a great way to deal with stress. Let me know what you think of The Emperor's Children. I only got 100 pages into and finally gave up. I am going to try Eat, Love, PRay



I feel the same way about books. I just bought "Those Who Save Us" also. Can't wait to dive into it.


I think I could paint walls when I'm stressed. I wish I had some walls to paint.


Your reading pile looks a lot like mine. I LOVED Water for Elephants and I even have a small connection to Sara Gruen (it's a small world). I am just starting Love in the Time of Chlorea and I love Nora Roberts. Thanks for sharing.


I loved reading your post. I am a passionate reader too. I'm going to take some time to contemplate your thoughts and my own. I think during stressful times I read less as it is hard for me to concentrate on the story. My mind wanders.

As much as I've read, I haven't read any of the titles in your pile. I just love looking at what people are reading and their photos of book piles.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts today. I am keeping you and your family in my prayers for peace and good health. I read your last post and wondering if God knows you are there. If you think about it, I think God may have led you to that Borders. He knows what we need best. God bless.


GIANT HUGS, sweetie! unfortunately I'm one of those eaters. *sigh* I'll join you on the stress bandwagon but I should be thankful that my life isn't quite as stressful (YET!).

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