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Hey there! Hope everything is well with you. I know you've been busy with CHA...I've missed your posts. Take care.


I just got caught up with your blog!! Glad things are going well! ((((HUGS)))) from Alabama!


Ok...I broke down and ordered HP! The kids will read it first and then hopefully, I can get the whole series!


I ( embarrassedly admit) that I have not read one Harry Potter book. I hate waiting for something and want the entire series to be published so I can read it and finish it, lol! I am avoiding all news sites and internet spoilers...I want to be pure for Harry, ...


I linked from 2 peas-what a pretty blog! I can totally relate to the whole 'buying too many books' theme. It is a sickness...oh well-better than a lot of other things!!!



Preordered here, too! Hope & Austin are both in the process of re-reading the earlier books.

see you at CHA!


Oh!my goodness! I just finished The Half Blood Prince. Was I ever shocked at the ending. I knew JK was going to kill of some major characters but I didn't expect this particular character to go until the last book. I'm going to reserve a copy of Deathly Hallows. I've got to make sure I get the last one ASAP! I also caved and bought A Thousand Splendid Suns. I'm going to try and read it. I've got so many friends who are recommending it and after your blog entry I feel I need to make the effort to adjust some of my reading habits. Have a great CHA, hope the product goes well and you have a good trip. Time for some relaxation afterwards, I hope.


I struggle with the keeping the same political awareness level that you do. However, I find that as much as I'm aware of the huge contrast between my comfortable life here and what goes on in other countries around the world I get too overwhelmed if I read books like A Thousand Splendid Suns. I cannot read or watch the horrors that for so many millions pass as everyday life. I also, have a hard time wrapping my brain around atrocities that occur every day. I sometimes will stop during the day, during a quiet moment and think that while I'm happy or at least content and peaceful at that moment that somewhere in the world and most likely in multiple somewheres, children are dying slow and agonizing deaths. Women and children are living in jungles, refugee camps, deserts, jails and fighting for basic existence. That before I stop my thought process, a hundred, thousand or more people have died. It swallows me into such an abyss that I cannot manage it. I'm not in denial about it's existence, I just have a very hard time dealing with it. I need books like Harry Potter and Lean Mean Thirteen(another personal favorite) to bring me out of the horror of it all. That's why I can't read books like you do at your club. I'd get too depressed and overwhelmed. I applaud you for being able to do so though, I wish sometimes I could.


I've been doing a lot of re-reading too. And a few new things. (Hey, if you like series--do check out Bujold's Vorkosigan books. I don't know if you'd like them or not, but might be worth a try.)


What a beautifully written post! I'm embarrassed to say that I have not read the HP series, though two of my three sons have and love it! I'm a third grade teacher who "needs to get around" to reading them.

I did read The Kite Runner and it was a book that resonates with me still. I plan to read the one you wrote about.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I wish you lots of summer moments with your nose stuck in a book! =)


ARGH on the meeting being canceled!

HP . . .we have THREE pre-ordered! {snicker} We're now up to 4 in the house reading HP. We ordered one deluxe edition and 2 regular ones. Last time around . . .I finished HP in about 20 hours. I'm irritated about my schedule this time around. I'll be in Austin for a state PTA thing that weekend. {sigh} Won't even have my hands on a book until Sunday evening, unless I buy a 4th one on the road.

Becky H

glad to hear "A Thousand Splendid Suns" is a good read. I loved the "Kite Runner". I stopped reading for a long time, just starting up again. guess I need to join a book club.


preordered here, too. LOL! nothing wrong with buying books.....maybe do the library thing so that it's cheaper? ;)


HP will be in my hands shortly after midnight on the 21st. :)

I just finished book 3 and will start book 4 tomorrow. I have no problems reaidng multiple books at the same time though.

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