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I must have that magazine......on my list of things to do this weekend!!



Dawn (rn4jchrist)

Hi Kel! I was checkin in on Cool Mag! I need to go find it...I remember when LOST came out with one! I have only one issue of those and haven't found another one since!!LOL Have fun on your retreat! HUGS!


Hey, I'll see you tomorrow at SBW! I'm going to be assisting you at the Luxe vendor fair. The pictures we got look so cute. I've been talking you guys up for the last few weeks and I know we've already had to restock the Luxe display at least once.

Not only am I excited to meet you ladies, but since I do the SBW make and takes, I got a week's rest from designing!


have fun this weekend. my cousin(aimie) works at scrapbook warehouse.

enjoy your mag. so glad our 3 part episode is over and we can all breathe a sigh of relief.


I've been ignoring the Grey's posts on 2peas forever, never having watched it myself and not wanting to get hooked on another show. My husband just bought and downloaded the first season and now I get it. We're hooked. I understand the craze now. Still, a whole magazine? Wow!


first of all, I'm so happy for you that there is now a magazine to fuel your addiction. Really makes me giggle because I can SO picture you with this now too. Love you and your grey addiction. =)

have a GREAT trip!!! I'm hoping to play more with Luxe goodies as soon as I feel a bit better. I am also going to agree that you need to get a better sleep set up asap. We can't have you suffering from insomnia!!!


I was LMAO cause I knew that you were serious about getting your hands on the mag. ;) Have a safe flight and great time!


You have got to be kidding me?


A magazine?!?!?! Woooo Hoooo Thanks for the info!!

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