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Tasra Dawson

Found your blog while blog-hopping and I'm thrilled to find another SYTYCD fan! I loved watching Heidi and Benji dance together. They were so natural and fun. I didn't actually cry, but I was duly impressed!

Lovin' your blog! I'll be back!


Oh my . . . .Benji and Heidi's dancing was GREAT! I am so wanting Benji to win this one! I loved it how he acted so honored when Dan said that at the time he didn't think Benji shouldn't have been in the top 10 . . and how he was wrong.

Peg Graham

Heck...I was giving them a standing ovation and I was the only one in the room. I wanted to turn to someone and say; "Aren't they FABULOUS?", but hence...the kiddos were already in bed and DH was out of town. I had the best night all alone!



I can't remember how I found your blog but I wanted to let you know that I enjoy reading it. I have 3 teen age daughters so I can totally relate to you in that aspect! LOL! It makes me feel so much better to know that there are others out there feeling the way I do at times :-)


I do not watch that show but it must be good if you watch it. Kelly, I miss you...

Sherri S

Ok, so I have only caught the dance show a couple of times. However, I can SOOOOOO totally relate to the teenager deal. Last night as I am trying to sleep (this would be 11pm) the teens (my only 2, sometimes adorable...when they were actually young and sleeping, now holy terror devil kids) began having words with eachother at poor mom's sleeping expense. Tossing and turning on my part, so that I didn't have to take on the 'monsters' alone in the middle of the darkness. Oh, what JOY and FUN when the alarm clock when off at 6:15am; so I could rise and scurry off to work, just to gather that pay check to feed and cloth my wonderful but ungrateful teenagers. *smiles and LOVE ~ cause I know ya need it too*


PS....must admit that I was a *tad* bit sad when Dimitri got the boot last night for pure eye candy reasons!!!


I am obsessed with SYTYCD!! I fell in love with the show last season, and I now make plans on Wed. & Thur. around the show. I hope the final two come down to Heidi & Benji. He is so AWESOME!! Great site by the way!


I LOVE THAT SHOW!!!!!!!!!!! Gosh, and I SO understand about the typepad changes....messed me up too!

barb Hogan

I don't know who I love more....Benji or you! Got no to Atlanta, but just wanted to say "I Just Called To Say I Love You". SYTYCD was amazing last night!


Oh my, we're two peas in a pod.....I LOVE SYTYCD too and got teary eyed watching Heidi & Benji dance together tonight as well!!! I am loving this show way more than I thought I would and must admit that wed.nights are the highlight of my week this summer......with Rockstar Supernova, SYTYCD & then Project Runway, I'm in reality heaven!!



Found your blog on Jeanette's blog (the one that does scrapbookig, decorating and shopping) three of my fav's. I just noticed what you wrote about(i'm watching the show now on westcoast) and sooooooooo have to agree with you on Heidi and Benji tonight was the 2nd time I watched it and was totally stuck to the t.v when they were dancing, just loved them.

Great site, just thought I'd say hi ;o)

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