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I'd send you some drought pictures, but they are too depressing. Not a drop of rain here and the farmers are all worried about the lack of hay. Many bans and restrictions on the upcoming holiday fireworks. And my water bill is going to be tremedous!
Drive carefully!


Alyssa's comment definitely is funny. Whenever my dh gets on the phone with almost anyone, including me when we're apart, almost the first thing he asks is, "How's the weather?" He actually is much better at conversation -- I'm the boring one... Any news about how Old Town is faring? Worried about our place there. Stay dry, Kelly! Thanks for the first-hand weather report! :)


The rain has been nuts. I havent seen storms like what we have seen lately. Very strange stuff. I keep telling my kids when it gets really loud with thunder that there is a bowling match going on in heaven. They think that is funny... well, at least for am minute until they ask me what bowling -- anyway, keep dry :)


Oh wow! Too much rain indeed! What amazing pics you got there!~


WOOOA, hope everyone stays safe!!!!

Heidi (plualum)

Wow! For a Northwesterner to take notice, it must be something! I laughed out loud when I read that you don't use an umbrella. We always say that if someone has an umbrella, they are not from around here! We all have hooded gortex...we don't need no stinkin' umbrella! LOL Great post, as always!


Holy man, look at all that rain! Thanks for the pics! I'm glad you guys are safe and sound. I do hope it stops raining soon.

robyn bedsaul(twinsplus1)

Your pics are great! I'm so sick of this rain (I'm in MD) Just when the sun teases us and comes out WHAM! it rains again!!!!


raining cats and dogs in philly today, OMG, somehow, I fear the heat that is coming up after all this rain is gone


I agree, Kelly. We need an ark to get around here. It is unbelievable the amount of rain we've had. You've compiled some great photos!


Wow. We never seen rain like that here in Utah.


That's unreal. We had major flooding in '93. Much like that. Stay safe!


Loved the photos and hope it stops there today for sure! We get that a lot down here, of course, due to the storms but it's never nice and always inconvenient. Had to laugh at your DD's comment!



A smirk crossed my face when reading your daughter's thoughts on weather... but this is definitly an exception!!! That is some MAJOR flooding and water! Stay safe, dry, and take care!

Amy Sorensen

Wow! I wish you could send some of that to Utah, we're scorching here. Stay safe!


LOL at your PNW comments. I'm the same way - usually, it's rain shmain. But after all the rain we had here in the early part of the month, I took notice too. And your pictures are impressive.

I'm also laughing at Alyssa's weather as conversation comment. I always notice whenever I bring weather into a conversation and think pretty much the same thing. But I've known for a long time that I need to get a life... LOL!

Stay dry, Kel!


wow but I know all about building the ARK. We are having the wettest June on Record and it only started raining on Thursday and by Friday it was recordsetting hopefully it will dry out soon.


WOW! look at all that rain *shocked face* here in AZ its so dry and over 100 degrees. thanks so much for sharing the pictures

Wendy Reed (WendyReedPea)

Whoa... I can't believe all the rain you all are getting and we are dry as a bone, 115 degree weather!! Glad you are ok where you live.

Stay safe girlie!

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