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I whole heartedly agree with you on this one - with one exception. Fried Green Tomatoes. Now I must admit that this was also the one time I saw a movie prior to reading the book. But the casting was great, dialogue well-written. Tawanda!!


I so agree with you. To this day I am still disappointed with GWTW. I am upset with the Harry Potter Movies. Just don't hold a candle to the books.

Amy Sorensen

Kelly, I once heard a movie critic say something about books-turned-into-movies that has stuck with me. He said that he had abandoned any hopes that a movie will follow a book very closely because each one is created by two different people with two different visions. So when he goes to a movie that comes from a book he's read, he puts aside all expectations and just goes to see how the movie-maker creates the story. Although I can't fully put aside my expectations...I DO try to try to put them aside. Reminding myself that they are two separate genres helps a bit. But I SO understand your dissapointment. Sometimes I really wonder if directors need a course in critical reading so that they are better able to pick out and illustrate the KEY story points!!!

Heidi (plualum)

I usually like the movies more, myself. Maybe because I rarely read the books that go with them. I have read (well, listened) to the Harry Potter books and I think they are better. Then again, how can you get 10,000 pages into 2 hours? LOL!

I'm actually looking forward to seeing Da Vinci Code to see if it is anything like the book. That will be interesting. I love Tom Hanks, so I'm sure he'll be good. Maybe just different from the book ;)

Hope all is getting a little less wierd this weekend. Is the prom today? I can't wait to see how it all went!


So glad I read your review first. I haven't watched the movie exactly because I was anticipating that it may not be as good as the book was! Thanks for posting this! I guess I better just re-read the book instead, ha.

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