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I'm an idea book junkie too . . can't tell you how many I have!

I've got CZ's on "hold" with Terri until I see her in a couple weeks. . . I'm chomping at the bit! Even more now that you've written about it.


Oh I so agree with you on your post! I loved everyone of those books! The only one I don't have yet, but I'm anxiously waiting for is Cathy's sequel...I can't wait --check out the quotes on the back of that book ;)


I have YET to purchase any of these books. I want to... I just havent. They are costly but probably worth the investment. I know I could use some help with my pages so maybe I will venture out and get one. OK... you have encouraged me to do so... T


I got my CZ book last Friday at work. I then came home, laid down on the living room floor and read it cover to cover. Every.single.word. And then I was so stiff I couldn't get up off the floor. Guess I'd been there a long time.

I too think the current trend for "idea books" is WONDERFUL. Love 'philosophy' books as opposed to just a collection of pages grouped together. I'm way more inspired by a new way of thinking than a bunch of pages.

Steph (Steph Homburg)

I so want CZs new book. My birthday is next think if I left my computer open to a link, Karl would get it for me????

Wouldn't that be nice :)

Nicky Foley

My copy of CZs new book came yesterday afternoon. I spent last evening curled up with it...and then took it to bed instead of my latest mystery novel. I want to *memorize* each word. So inspiring!


Love, love CZ's new book! It made me laugh and cry at the same time. Every book you listed is great. They are all so much more than books of LOs they make you stop and reemember why you started scrapping in teh first place...a very good thing! Have a great day!!

Barb Hogan

They are the best books, EVAH! I actually had CZ's first book spiral bound. It's the only idea book that I've ever actually used as opposed to just noshed on as eye candy.

SpiderGirl aka Angela

Oh drat. I shouldn't have looked. Now I must have the Heidi Swapp book TOO. And I've been so GOOD about resisting it... =p

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