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I think about you and john every single day. I am praying for his speedy and FULL recovery. My dear, we're all behind you. And I love business cards too! I do have a lot from my job of 6 years left, what to DO with them?????


Keep on keeping on girlie.. many hugs and prayers.


Hugs to John!

And YOU missy... you are taking Cathy Z's class at CKU-A? I am SOOOOOO jealous!

tracy whitney

love your book reviews. keep 'em coming!


I love Nora Roberts/JD Robb. The in death series is great!! Have a great day!


Kelli, Good luck with John's ongoing medical stuff. I got bad news about a friend's young son yesterday. I'll spare you that, but share it just to let you know I can kind of imagine the agony of what you've been experiencing.
Hang in there, enjoy these next few weeks.


Wow - when you break it down into hours like that, it does seem overwhelming and awful. So glad John is seeing a light at the end of the tunnel.

Love your journaling. Wish I could see the whole book when you're done.


Hugs for John!!! Im still praying for him!!! I hope you find out something soon....VERY, VERY soon....

I LOVE POST IT NOTES!!!! I go through a pad every two days!!!!!


big hugs from me to you! I will send john some positive and healing vibes! Love Corinne5xxx

Barb Hogan

Kel, do you still not have a diagnosis? My heart breaks for all of you. I can't even imagine. John is such a trooper, as are you, of course. Hugs to you all.

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