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Terri sent me Encyclopedia .. .haven't opened it yet. Can't wait to see how Cathy's class goes for you . . .seems like it would be a perfect fit!

Until I hit that part where you said you were now an anti-class taker, I thought "Does she know there are TWO GASC near me this year?" Drat . ..thought i'd be able to lure you down here! (smirk} I haven't been to one since I was pregnant with Allie. . .and then it was just to eat dinner with some friends.

Lisa Truesdell

i love the big picture. and have encyclopedia on my birthday list.

i'm an anti class taker, too. i went to my first one this winter, pretty much just to support my friends. =)


Hi Kelly, (no E, I always have to say that to myself when commenting to you as I have KellEY friends, lol),

Thanks for the heads up on "Encyclopedia.." as I hadn't heard of it and it certainly intrigues me. I love The Big Picture though and was really amazed at how so many of the things you she was reminding us to do, were so "ordinary" but so exciting as an impetus to scrap something! She is some clever lady.



I so love the Big Picture book too! And I will order The Enciclopedia of an Ordinary Life...I had been thinking of buying it the other day...I guess I should have...


Thanks for the book suggestions - I had never heard of "Encyclopedia...." before - I'm off to check it out.

sherry steveson

You'll have to let me look over that book when I see you in 6weeks!!!!!!


this is an EXCELLENT book! Stacy rocks!


WOW! Im gonna have to check out that book! I will be taking my first class at the Scrap Etc Event in April!!! Classes from Heidi Swapp, Cathy Z, Carrie Colbert and Elsie!!! I can NOT wait!!!! Off to check out those books!!!

Sande Krieger

I hadn't heard of that book before. That's for posting about it.

tracy whitney

Oooooh, I LOVE when people share great ideas. THANKS! I'm so interested in reading this book now. You're right - it is a blessing to be able to do what you love. Celebrate it! I was actually a "student" of yours a little more than a year ago in Orlando... : )


LOL -- you are always so stinkin' cute! Can you get any cuter??

I have never taken a class yet but I am looking forward to going to a CK conference in Manchester, NH in May! Can you come??!! Please!!!!!!!!

Barb H.

Can't wait to get BPS! Oh, and I'm going to be teaching at CKU-A and -M starting in May ~ yipee!

Jennifer Wellborn

Stacy and Cathy have been two of my favorites for a while (Stacy for over a decade actually) because of those same reasons... I love to scrapbook the ordinary stuff of our lives because I think there is a better story to tell there, thus I have always scrapped out of order and chosen to scrap according to inspiration instead. I think they are the two best in this area when it comes to inspiring others to do the same.

I am going to have to read that book!


As are SOOOOOOOOOOO right! The Big Picture Scrapbooking was so liberating, just as the book promised. Really changed my whole train of thought. I'm trying more to just 'let it go' when it comes to my craft. And it feels good.

And I'm SO envious of your CKU experiences. I really want to go to one...maybe in 2007?


So funny. I just added Encyclopedia to my Amazon wishlist this afternoon. Weird!

Now I think I simply must get it. I'll order it now. I need a boost.


Both of these books are great! Love everyday thoughts she writes about in the Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. One of my favorite topics was "nipples". Hope your everyone is feeling better! Have a great day.

shawn b

Oh I'm sooo seriously an anti-class-taker myself. After teaching art, stamping and jewelry making throughout the country I found myself doing similar to you. Sad state of affairs. One day I'll get back into taking something for my wee little brain. Will totally check out that book! Perhaps for my trip to VA!! I'm flying up in one week girl! FLying into Dulles Thursday night. Spending Thur night with my Dad (your neighbor) then leaving first thing Friday a.m. for Charlottesville. I'll be back Monday evening before flying out Tuesday. Hopefully we can catch up at some point for even just a coffe or quick hug!!!
Carleigh's dying to see Alyssa too. Hugs.


I love Stacy's book because it embraces how I feel about scrappin and chronological isn't me. Off to check out this book cause it sounds intriguing.

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