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Still don't get how you can do 6 loads in one day! You impress me with that alone.

Good luck to Alyssa with try-outs. I remember when I tried out for drill team and how nervous I was to find out the results.

((((((Kelly)))))) about your mom. I know you have to be so anxious about that.

As far as your list . . .I had to laugh because my kids eat with their mouths open frequently and it definitely makes me more stressed!

Jennifer Stewart

If like was supposed to be thrilling all of the time, then we wouldn't appreciate the extra fun moments :) You are an awesome MOM and wife!! :)



Hun you dont sound boring at all! You sound happy and you sound content with life as it is today and now! Do you know how great that is??! I bet you do! I think it is great you are happy just where you are and that each day is something to be celebrated! :) Hugs to you!

Wendy Reed (Wishin4MoreTime)

You are anything but boring. I know the drugged feeling. I can't nap at all, if I do, I wake up with a headache and feel like crapola. Icko!!!


Boring is good!! You got a lot accomplished in your boring day! ;)


You got things done. A day full of acomplishments. How can that be boring? There are so many things at home that get left undone that sometimes I feel like I am wasting my time at work.


Being a Mama is SO exhausting. The sad and scary thing is - I don't think it ever stops. My mom was nearly sick last year over whether I'd make partner in my law firm, and I'm 31 years old. Good luck to your little girl!

Heather D. White

LOL about being "boring!" MY girlfriends and I have had this conversation over and over about how "cool and fun" we used to be. LOL! What happened?! LOL! One day you are super cool and dating a million guys...the next, you're doing wash, making dinner, wiping poopy bums, sleeping, waking up and doing it all over again! LOL! it's not the most glamorous life, but hey...I don't mind being "boring" every now and again. I think I was so crazy in my pre-marriage life that I wore myself out enough to last the rest of my life. LOL!


Nothing wrong with being boring, even though it doesn't sound "boring" to me!


You're my kind of boring gal, Kelly. I love being boring. Anything more than boring and I start feeling crazy.

I love your boring self to pieces!!!

Debi D

The thing I really enjoy about your blog is your ability to take the "ordinary" events of daily life and reflect on and convey the life lessons you're learning from them. So many of us just live life without really paying any attention. You may view your life as "boring" but it certainly isn't insignificant :)


On the boring meter I must rate worse than you girl. Your mundane list is quite impressive compared to mine and I never even make my bed. I happy with boring too, it suits me.


that oprah was pretty cool...saw it too. and nothing is worse than that late afternoon nap feeling when you wake up...ughh!!

corinne delis (corinne5)

I love it when I can be boring! nothing wrong with that. have a great day!



Well, I guess I'm right with you on the boring platform! Your day sounds a lot like mine, excpet I don't ever seem to have any of the exciting, sing Karaoko and look cute all night kind of nights! Good luck to Alyssa and your Mom. I can see why you crashed. Worrying take a TON of energy.
Love you!

sherry steveson

good luck to Alyssa.... praying for your mom.... I like boring (ever once in awhile... nice BREAK from the drama, right!)... as usual... spoken straight from the heart. love it


you are definitely not boring - you have a gift for telling the story and that is kinda of cool

there is this saying that goes if you think something is boring than try it for more time and soon you will find it was never boring at all - I am not sure if I totally agree with that all the time but sometimes I find truth in that

i hate when I oversleep - that funky haze kind of stays with you

best of luck to your daughter on her tryouts - remember busy is not boring - and enjoy your Tivoed shows!

take care Kelly!

Amy Sorensen

Wasn't that an awesome Oprah!? I mean...maybe you missed it. But it made me want to go shopping for a new bra! Good luck to Alyssa.


Cheerleading try-outs,I remember those days. Wish Alyssa good luck! I hope your Mom is ok! And if I accomplished this much in one day I would be pretty darn impressed with myself!!


I don't know about boring, but you sure are busy, my friend! I don't know how you do it all! I love days where I can review a list of such accomplishments, however mundane they may be. :)

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